A Hymn to the Honour of St. Teresa of Avila

Farewell then, all the world adieu!

Teresa is no more for you

Farewell all pleasures, sports and joys,

Farewell whatever dear may be,

O how apt’ shalt thou complain

Of a sweet and subtle pain!

Of intolerable joys!

Suffice thyself shall feel thine own full joys

Souls as thy shining self shall come

Immortal welcomes

O what delight! Heap up thy consecrated kisses;

What joys shall seize thy soul when she (Mother Mary)

Bending her blessed eyes on thee,

Those second smiles of heaven shall dart

Her mild rays through thy melting heart

All thy good works which went before

Shall own thee there and all in one a constellation weave;

Angels, thy old friends, there shall greet thee,

Glad at their own home now to meet thee,

Thou with the Lamb, thy Lord shalt go –

And whereso ‘er he sets his white steps,

Walk with Him those ways of light.

Arranged by :Kumari Naganathan