Letter from Mr.Chelvarajan

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear Sunella,
Thanks for your 2 E Mails via my son. If only I had obtained proficiency in using the computer way back in Kollupitiya, I certainly would be replying your E Mails now, with E Mails of my own. Well only a couple of lessons I was privileged to have there under the efficient Tutor Shirani! At that point in time I had become the only aspiring Senior Parishioner. I promise that I shall reply your E Mails to my son by writing letters to you promptly henceforth.

I thank you once again for providing me with a sort of channel through which I shall get information about our church in Kollupitiya, the dear Sacred Heart Confraternity and the dear friends I left behind on the 24th of August last year and also for providing the opportunity to inform you how my wife and I are gradually establishing ourselves here under the care love and support of our son and his dear wife. All the same it is indeed a new experience for us. Remember? Those dark days when we were just 3 members and you did your part in propagating the worship of the Sacred  Heart through the conduct of the First Friday Holy Hours adoring our Lord, praising Him, thanking Him and also consoling Him remembering His rejection and abandonment in Gethsemane and Calvary.

I congratulate Shana for her grand success for obtaining a BSc Hons. Degree London in Vet. Science. Your own devotion to serve our Lord devoutly in His very own Society the SHC has taken good care of Shana in her loneliness in UK after she lost her Dad quite suddenly and you too in spite of your loneliness and sorrow at this sad moment in your life giving strength and support to your mother would undoubtedly have earned a special place in the Heart of Jesus. You continue to do the same even now under the direction of the untiring Secretary of the present Committee Nimal Dias. May the blessings of the Sacred Heart be upon him.

I congratulate the newly weds: offer my best wishes to Nalini and her husband on the occasion of the marriage of their son. To Shirani and Nimal Dias on the occasion of the marriage of their son Nilantha our Good Friday Way of the Cross Announcer. Please also convey my remembrance and good wishes to Deepika, my Zone7 Leader. It was indeed a pleasure working under her as her  Deputy. I would also like you to remember me to Nalini for her undying and immense support to me during our conduct of the Way of the Cross on the many Good Fridays it was my good fortune to organize as President of the Sacred Heart Confraternity. We also remember with nostalgia all the celebrations of the events in the church during Advent last year.

About ourselves, what can I say? Just before we left Sri Lanka I had Aunty checked into Durdans to find the cause of her instability in her legs. They ran many tests and diagnosed her as having no sodium at all in her blood stream. To correct this deficiency they fed sodium chloride intra-venously by way of drip. On her arrival here, another set of tests including a CT scan of her brain, apart from the CT Scans already done on her legs and chest was done. All the same, she needs help to walk. During the day we have an attendant from a company called “Almost Family” who takes care of her. Otherwise she is clinically OK. I now go to another church, a real church with a tabernacle, a red lamp in front of it, pews for worshippers and provision for confessions. This church, called the church of St. Peter is maintained and run by the Franciscan Fathers. The 4PM evening mass on Sundays is always a Latin Mass which I usually attend. This church is also a half hour drive from the house. On Tuesdays there is an Hour of Adoration before the exposed Blessed Sacrament from 11 to 12 Noon which I attend sometimes when my son is available to drive me down. Sometimes, because he is rather very busy leading a batch of Scientists doing cancer research in the school of medicine of the University of Kentucky.

In retrospect, I say with deep humility that my nostalgic feelings centre around principally the Holy Hours and the Good Friday Ways of the Cross. I would rather think of the latter as Via Dolorosas (Dolorous or Sorrowful Ways) which I had the good fortune to lead for a number of years during the times when Frs. Kingsley and Stanley were parish priests.

Sunela, since these two forms of worship are so very dear to me, I would like to take the liberty of expressing my views on them to you for the last time, since you too hold them close to your heart. The Holy Hour: When the Sacred Heart Confraternity accepted this onerous task of conducting them we did not know how to proceed, we were clueless, we were pure and simple novices. Where were we to go for help? Obviously to Fr. Kingsley. I have a feeling that we managed to some extent to arouse the dormant spiritual feelings of those who came to attend the Holy Hours. Did we? I believe we did. I never asked any anybody. But I believe we did!

In conclusion I wish to express that the ideas I have put before you on the Holy Hours and on the Way of the Cross so dear to me are for you, because you were part of my 3 member team. In case you wish to share them with your friends, I leave it entirely to your discretion. I apologise for delaying to respond to your 2 Emails so long. I pray that the Sacred Heart will continue to bless those few true friends of mine who stood by me and helped me when I needed that help very much.
With all our very best wishes and remembrances to you, your dear mother, and your loving
daughter Shana, and to all the members of SHC..
Yours sincerely
Mr & Mrs Chelvarajan
3348 High Hope Rd
Lexington KY 40517-2831
Lakshman Chelvarajan (